Casper Setup:

First off, make sure you are on a wireless network other than guest. You can sign int MISDWIFI with your munis ID and password.

After joining, go to: tiny

Click continue…
Follow all of the prompts (there are many) clicking continue and whatever until you get to the page that says "Setup Complete!"

Click the home button. Its the round button at the button front of the device.

It should flip you to the second page where you see a new "Self Service" App. This is casper. If you don't see this, it isn't loaded on the device.

Make sure to go back into settings>WIFI> and then click on the arrow next to the checked wireless network. Click on forget network and it will erase your wireless login. All students should use Guest, so you don't want your network settings left on there.

Once you do it once, it is pretty straight forward. Please call me if you have any questions on how to do this after you have tried it.